How to Get the Most out of the Design Process

Design is about discovery, and the process is about eliminating risk. Ensure the brief reflects the desired outcome.

1) What it is worth

To excel today and compete tomorrow JDi Design believe companies need to reflect their integrity in their products and services. Intuitive, concise, easy-to-use products, services and communication are the keys to connecting with a market and ensuring long-term success.

JDi Design adds value to every dollar spent with the above in mind.

2) Focus on the brief

We believe that designers should be independent of industry, objective, and with out prejudice to deliver design innovation. What makes a good brief? Present the challenges, focus early emphasis on outcome as opposed to output, and identify stake holders (i.e. sales, marketing, distribution, purchasing or manufacturing). Successful design requires "buy-in" from all involved.

3) Play an interactive role

Don't be afraid to be critical. In order to sell your service or product you need to understand and believe in it. Keep in mind the brief when monitoring the success of the design process and ultimately these criteria should be easily understood by you and the designers.