A New Venture is Underway.


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A New Venture is Underway.

“What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

These words from a famous balcony scene in Act II of Romeo and Juliet, are still packed full of emotion some 425 plus years after they were written. Possibly lost to meme culture and almost forgotten but for adolescents in highschool who read it over and over in pursuit of a good English grade.

This is the intro to my startup, kindled from an obsessive relationship with #hotwater, something we value but hardly ever stop to appreciate.

Mainstream bath culture is not much older than Shakespeare, with the oldest recorded bath history going back to Edo, Japan, where in 1266 where we see recorded documents of burning wood for that comforting warm water. I’m calling this conventional hot water, Hot Water 1.0.

Now, 753 plus years later something new in the hot water history time line has started. It’s hot water that’s generated by recycling waste heat from digital processing. I’m calling this Hot Water 2.0.

My startup 753.plus is bring Hot Water 2.0 to the mainstream. The number 753 is pertinent in my new endeavour as it was 753 years that passed before we got Hot Water 2.0. The “.plus” is for everything to come.

Please follow along on Linkedin and join me on this journey to change the way billions of us heat the water we use every day.